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IOT Power meter tool from ZSCircuits is a  USB based programmable DC power supply made for powering IOT devices in the lab. This tool can accurately measure the current consumption of IOT devices and estimate their battery life. With high dynamic range, fast response time and long capture times, the ZS1100A provides precise measurement of Current vs time. 

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  • Output programmable range of 0 to 6V with 10mV steps.

  • Source up to 2A max current. Sink up to 0.5A

  • Fast sampling rate of 1MSPS. (For current measurement)

  • Excellent step response of < 2uS.

  • High dynamic range measurement extending from 1uA to 1.5A.

  • High Accuracy of 1% of measured value+/- 0.2uA across the entire range.

  • Resolution better than 100nA

  • Long continuous capture time (24 hrs capture tested)

  • 2 Quadrant operation (V+,I+) & (V+,I-)

  • Supports negative current measurement to account for battery charging.

  • Electromagnetically shielded for excellent noise reduction with an aluminium enclosure

  • 6 Bit Digital IO capture for synchronization within +/-1us.

  • Programmable output resistance

  • Battery emulation for most batteries used with IOT devices

  • Real world battery models for accurate battery life estimation.

  • State of the art data compression saves disk space. (24hrs on 10GB)

  • Powered by a 15V/65W adapter and connects to the PC over the USB 2.0 bus for data transfer.

  • Thermal protection to prevent over heating

  • ESD protection on all inputs and outputs

  • OLED display to indicate the voltage, current, status etc...

  • Free GUI with waveform analysis tools for Windows.

  • Data export to Sigrok/Pulseview for UART, SPI, I2C protocol analysis.

  • ASCII Data export to XML format for use with MS Excel.

  • Conforms to FCC, CE & RoHS standards.


  • Power profiling of BLE, WiFi, NB-IOT and other wireless products.

  • Battery life estimation.

  • Debug hardware designs.

  • Optimize software and firmware for power consumption.

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You can buy it using USD, EUR, CNY, GBP, INR by wire transfer to our bank account. For details, please email us at

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