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IOT Power profiler tool from ZSCircuits. This USB based tool can be used to accurately plot the current drawn by an IOT device. Using this information, the battery life of a device can be precisely estimated in the lab. More Info

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  • High Dynamic Range from few uA to 1A in single range.

  • High Accuracy  (1% of measured value +/-1uA)

  • Step response of < 2us with 1Msps sampling.

  • Resolution better than 100nA

  • Low series voltage drop prevents tripping ( 0.1 Ohm fixed resistance)

  • 0 to 6V input voltage range sampled every 10ms with 1% Accuracy

  • 2 Quadrant operation (V+,I+) & (V+,I-)

  • Supports negative current measurement to account for battery charging.

  • Electromagnetically shielded for excellent noise reduction.

  • 8 Bit Digital IO capture for synchronization within +/-1us.

  • Real world battery models for accurate battery life estimation.

  • Long continuous capture time (24 hrs capture tested)

  • State of the art data compression saves disk space. (24hrs on 10GB)

  • Free GUI with waveform analysis tools for Windows.

  • Data export to Sigrok/Pulseview for UART, SPI, I2C protocol analysis.

  • ASCII Data export to XML format for use with MS Excel.

  • Conforms to FCC, CE & RoHS standards.


  • Power profiling of BLE, WiFi, NB-IOT and other wireless products.

  • Battery life estimation.

  • Debug hardware designs.

  • Optimize software and firmware for power consumption.


You can buy it using USD, EUR, CNY, GBP by wire transfer to our bank account


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How it works


Connect the power profiler in series with the load and the power supply. Connect the reference ground, calibrate once using the self calibration, and you are good to measure. It measures the current at 1Msps and streams the data directly to the PC over the USB link. It also measures the voltage every 10ms. At the end of the capture time, which can extend beyond many hours, just stop the capture and start analyzing the data.


Using real world battery models, the battery life of the product under test can be estimated accurately. The free Software GUI provided with the tool, can perform various waveform analysis like window averaging, peak estimation, long term averaging and long term battery life estimation. It also supports exporting to various formats like XML, Sigrok etc.

Below chart shows the measurement capability of the tool.

In performance, the ZS-2102-A beats most equipment made for this purpose at this price range.

Measurement capability

We share the Hardware design files for the ZS2102A under CERN Open Hardware License V1.2. Anyone can download the files, build the IOT Power Profiler and sell it or use it. Users are free to modify the files as per the terms of the CERN OHL V1.2.


Note : To use our IOT Power Profiler GUI Software, a key chip (ATSHA204A 8-SOIC) programmed by ZSCircuits is required. This can be bought from our online store Each chip is provided with a license file which needs to be copied on to the PC.


We have shipped over 50 units of the ZS2102A across the globe to various customers. Most of the customers have favourable reviews on the innovative product. Some critical feedback has already been incorporated in to the software to create a valuable product for the customers.

Some of our valued customers
Critical reviews

ZSCircuits Power Profiler:
In my opinion your device the ZS-2102-A is the most useful out of this list!
I am missing an isolation between USB and measurement but i can also use a standard USB isolator. It’s a pity that the voltage and the current are not sampled simultaneously!

REMARK: I didn’t check the software yet, but i will probably order a ZS circuits for further testing, probably also for a tear-down Link


The ZS-2102 is a great tool for measuring power profile of battery-driven IoT devices, and it’s hard to match the current price of 699 USD for equivalent features.


Customer base

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