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VectorFlux (formerly ZSCircuits) is a company incorporated in  the year 2018 in Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India. Our aim is to design and develop quality products for industrial and home applications.

Our design expertise include full electronic system design from concept to market. We have experts on Hardware design, Firmware development, User interface design & Mechanical design, to get our products out in the market on a fast pace. All our products are made with fully validated components to ensure maximum reliability and precision performance.

ZSCircuits is now VectorFlux !!!
Electronic Circuit Board

We at VectorFlux are capable of designing an electronic system from concept to production. We have experts on electromagnetics to design systems which pass emission standards for FCC, CE, ETSI without iterations.

Computer Circuit Board

Our inspiration comes from the pleasure we derive out of seeing the things we make come to life. We are highly passionate about our work and we give that extra effort to ensure that there are no design flaws anywhere in the system.


Our registered office is located in Bangalore out of a 2200 sqft facility which is about 15km from the city centre.

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